First Look: Rosco Upper Receiver Groups

posted on May 21, 2024
Rosco Upper Receiver Groups

Rosco Manufacturing, which manufactures AR-15 parts and assemblies both under their own name and as OEM products for other rifle manufacturers, has just unveiled a new series of AR-15 upper receiver groups. This new wave of products consists of seven different models, some of which carry the barrels the company is famous for such as the Rosco Bloodline, Purebred or K9 Wedge Lock series.

“From the years of turning barrels (OEM & Commercial), to the hand-picked support components and the many hours of working over a bench, our upper receiver groups (URGs) have every bit of our DNA in them,” said Rosco Manufacturing President Mike D’Angelo Jr. “All of the details that are often disregarded by other manufacturers—headspace, correct torques and gas port/gas block alignment—are the starting points to our upper receiver groups. These features are not just a hit-list of tasks for these URGs, it’s a roadmap that we will never compromise on.” 

Rosco upper receiver groups are the culmination of the performance and synchronization of Rosco barrels and accessories. Rosco's original goal was to supply shooters with well-made barrels to improve their current platforms. Once that marker was successfully surpassed, Rosco turned its sights towards accessories and the ability to match them perfectly with its barrels to create one cohesive system built for accuracy.

The comprehensive list of Rosco Manufacturing’s seven new upper receiver groups is as follows: 

  • 12.5-inch barrel K9 Wedge Lock
  • 11.5-inch barrel K9 Wedge Lock 
  • 13.95-inch barrel K9 Wedge Lock 
  • 16-inch Bloodline Wedge Lock 
  • 11.5-inch barrel Bloodline Wedge Lock 
  • 16-inch barrel Purebred Wedge Lock 
  • 16-inch barrel K9 Wedge Lock 

Each of these upper receiver groups is available in either 5.56 NATO or .300BLK and have an option for an ambidextrous charging handle. MSRP varies by model and options chosen. Visit to learn more about these new upper receivers or other products offered by Rosco Manufacturing.  


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