First Look: Extar USA Receiver Extension

Add the accessory of your choice to your large format pistol.

posted on February 11, 2023
Extar receiver extension

Extar USA is releasing a proprietary receiver extension called the EP Receiver Extension that is compatible with the EP 9 large format pistol. Receiver extensions are also commonly known as buffer tubes, and they most-frequently house a firearm’s buffer weight and recoil spring assembly while also providing a place for a stock to sit on. While this receiver extension functions and works similarly to a standard part on an AR-15, it is also uniquely designed to work with the EP 9 large format pistol’s action. Out of the box, the unit includes the dampening system pre-installed as well as the installation tool necessary to mount it.

Extar USA developed this product for EP 9 owners who had the desire to turn their existing EP 9 large format pistol into an SBR (short barreled rifle). SBRs generally require some extra steps to remain compliant and legal to the rules set down in the National Firearms Act (NFA). For those who take the necessary steps to remain in compliance with this law, Extar USA now has a factory/OEM receiver extension for sale directly through their website. The EP Receiver Extension is only compatible and only works with EP 9 large format pistols with the serial number of P01390 or higher.

Extar USA EP Receiver Extension Specifications:

  • Easy to install and all necessary tools are included in the packaging
  • Adjustable LOP (Length of Pull) with 6 different positions
  • Compatible with the majority of AR-15 pattern mil-spec diameter stocks on the market
  • Extar’s unique recoil dampening system is pre-installed

Retail Pricing for the Extar USA EP Receiver extension starts at $50. For more information on this product or other gear from Extar, please visit their website at


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