First Look: Remington 10 mm Auto Golden Saber

New defensive ammunition options with the thump of 10mm Auto.

posted on June 17, 2022
Remington 10mm Golden Saber

Remington Ammunition has unveiled a new selection of 10mm Auto jacketed hollow point ammunition for its Golden Saber line of products at the 2022 NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits event in Houston, Texas.

Buyers can now outfit their 10mm Auto firearms with the entire lineup of Remington Golden Saber ammunition variants, including Golden Saber Bonded, Golden Saber Defense and Golden Saber Defense Compact loads.

The Golden Saber Bonded line is Remington’s premium line of jacketed hollowpoint self-defense and duty ammunition. Golden Saber Bonded ammunition is loaded with a lead-core, hot-bonded, brass-jacketed bullet that has excellent weight retention after firing. Golden Saber Compact Defense loads are engineered for optimal performance when used in carry-friendly firearms that typically have shorter barrels. Remington also offers Golden Saber Defense and Golden Saber Defense Compact loads as a more cost-effective alternative to Golden Saber Bonded cartridges; however, neither Golden Saber Defense nor Golden Saber Defense Compact come loaded with a bonded projectile.

Norma, a Swedish ammunition company, originally developed 10mm Auto in the early 1980s based off of Jeff Cooper’s and other people’s concepts for a semi-automatic rimless handgun cartridge that offered the performance of magnum revolver cartridges. The cartridge was immortalized by the famous “Bren Ten” handgun made popular by the tv show “Miami Vice.” Later that decade, the FBI also adopted the cartridge for their service pistols. Lately, however, 10mm Auto has been making resurgence in the American civilian firearms market by shooters interested in handgun hunting and self defense against dangerous predators out in the field.

Currently, only bullets weighing 180 grains are offered across all three 10mm Auto Golden Saber options. Retail pricing starts at $35.99 per box of 50 cartridges for both Golden Saber Defense and Golden Saber Defense Compact. The premium Golden Saber Bonded 10mm Auto retails for $41.99 per box of 50. For more information on Remington ammunition products, please visit


Sheriff Jim Wilson
Sheriff Jim Wilson

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