First Look: Proof Research Switch Rifle

posted on December 6, 2017
The new Proof Research Switch rifle is designed as an all-in-one platform that allows consumers to have one action with the capability of easily changing between several popular calibers and configurations.

“This truly is a one-rifle-does-it-all package,” Proof Research Marketing Manager Chris Polley said. “From big-game hunting to varmints to long-range competitive shooting, the Switch can be owner-reconfigured for virtually any situation or preference. Utilizing aerospace composites in the stock and barrel, this rifle was designed from the action out to have the stiffness and ergonomics required for long-range precision in a package light enough for all-day carry.”

The heart of the Proof Research Switch rifle is the use of an action equipped with a Savage Arms-pattern barrel nut, which enables the replacement of the barrel using many standard tools found in the gun owner's work kit. In addition, the rifle also uses a floating bolt head designed by Bighorn Arms that can be swapped to match the caliber used in an additional barrel for an extra assurance on accuracy and reliability, making the rifle's action compatible with nearly any short-action cartridge. Bolt faces are available in .390 and .480 inch.

In keeping with flexibility and versatility, the Switch rifle uses a magazine based on those from a company that shall remain nameless known for making magazines of that pattern. The gun's action is pillar-bedded and features a controlled-round feed with a mechanical ejector that allows owners to fine-tune the force with which the action ejects spent rounds.

The Proof Research Switch rifle is constructed with a carbon-fiber stock and includes a TriggerTech precision trigger and a 20-MOA optics rail. Each rifle ships from the company with a 1/2 MOA accuracy guarantee.

Both carbon-fiber and all-steel barrels are available from Proof Research for use on the Switch rifle. Available caliber options include: .22-250 Rem., .223 Rem., .243 Win., .260 Rem., .308 Win., 6 mm Creedmoor, 6.5 Creedmoor and 7 mm-08 Rem.

Adaptability isn’t the only benefit though—as pros will tell you, "Polley said. "Becoming intimately familiar with one system pays off when that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity requires a high-pressure, time-constrained shot in fading light. To paraphrase past gunslingers, “Beware the man with one rifle, he probably knows how to shoot it.”

The suggested retail price on the Proof Research Switch rifle starts at $3,995.


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