First Look: Primary Arms Optics SLx 1-6x24 mm SFP Riflescope

posted on August 26, 2020

Primary Arms Optics is adding a new scope to its SLx lineup: the 1-6x24mm SFP riflescope with the patented ACSS Aurora 5.56 M Reticle, perfect for those accustomed to the metric system. The scope features the new metric-based ACSS reticle, which provides the user with an intuitive holdover system with built-in ranging and wind holds. Now you have the tools necessary to place rounds on target from point-blank range out to 800 meters, at a price that won’t empty your wallet.

The SLx 1-6x24 SFP riflescope is a popular choice for those looking for a variable-power optic. All products in the SLx line, including this new scope, undergo rigorous field testing during development to best serve shooters in any environment. Ruggedly built and suitable for duty use, it offers high-quality glass along with a brightly illuminated reticle for improved precision. This scope is waterproof, fog-proof and is backed with Primary Arms full lifetime warranty.

The ACSS Aurora 5.56 M reticle pairs the innovative technology of the ACSS reticle with metric-oriented measurements.

Dimitri Mikroulis, creator of the ACSS reticle system, describes its benefits: “The ACSS Aurora 5.56 M is an advanced meter-based version of the famed ACSS reticle. The ACSS Aurora 5.56 M enhances hit ratio with improved range estimation, wind holds, movement leads and a highly calibrated BDC for the 5.56 cartridge.”

As with other ACSS reticles, the Aurora’s patented design is built to speed up engagement times and increase accuracy. The center chevron provides an infinitely precise point of aim for close targets, while the auto-ranging ballistic holdovers show point of impact from 300 to 800 meters. Wind correction holds are also available from 400 to 800 meters at 5 mph and 10 mph intervals. Holdovers for this reticle are calibrated to match common loadings for 5.56 NATO, .308 Win., 5.45x39 mm, and 6.8 SPC.

MSRP for the Primary Arms SLx 1-6x24mm SFP Rifle Scope is $289.99. For more information on this optic or other items from Primary Arms, please visit


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