First Look: Plano AW2 Pistol Cases

posted on April 29, 2021

If you need to safely transport multiple pistols, Plano has you covered. The interior of their AW2 line of cases has sufficient room for large frame revolvers, full size pistols, cameras, video equipment, or any sort of gear you can dream for. Chances are, there is an AW2 case that is the right size to meet your needs.

As with all Plano products, the cases in the AW2 line are made in the U.S. and feature the Plano exclusive Dri-Loc seal to keep dirt, dust, debris, and moisture out The interior features pluckable foam for a secure fit to your equipment, and a lockable, airline-approved over-molded handle allows for easy transport. In addition to this, a change in altitudes won't affect any sensitive contents inside of your case thanks to the incorporated pressure release valve.

The cases in the Plano AW2 line come in four pistol, two pistol and one pistol sizes. They all feature dual-stage lockable latches and are grey in color with red latches. The size of capacity of each case varies.      

AW2 Four Pistol Case

  • Holds up to four pistols and accessories
  • Interior dimensions 18x10x5 inches
  • Exterior dimensions 19.4x12x6.2 inches

AW2 Two Pistol Case

  • Holds up to two pistols and accessories
  • Interior dimensions 14x10x5 inches
  • Exterior dimensions 15.4x12x5.4 inches

AW2 Single Pistol Case

  • Holds up to two pistols and accessories
  • Interior dimensions 10x8x4.25 inches
  • Exterior dimensions 12.5x10x4.8 inches


MSRP for the Four Pistol case is $99, and MSRP for the Two Pistol Case is $79.99. MSRP for the Single Pistol case is $59.99, and more information on these cases as well as other products from Plan is available at


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