First Look: PHLster Holsters for the Taurus GX4 Series

New models of the Skeleton and Enigma Express now available for two popular carry guns.

posted on May 15, 2024
PHLster Holsters for the Taurus GX4 Series

PHLster has recently expanded the PHLster Skeleton and Enigma Express product line to accommodate the Taurus GX4 and GX4 Carry family of striker-fired, subcompact and ultra-compact 9mm pistols.

The PHLster Skeleton holster is the company’s standard low profile concealment holster that PHLster has sold to fit guns such as the SIG Sauer P365 series, the slimline Glock series (Glock G42, G43, G43X and G48), the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield series, Springfield Armory Hellcat and others. Even though it has a low profile, the Skeleton is also for handgun models like the Glock G19, Glock G26, Beretta Cheetah 80X, and now the Taurus GX4 joins this lineup.

PHLsters Enigma Express system is comprised of a PHLster Skeleton holster along with a faceplate and low-profile “internal” belt. The idea behind this system is that wearers can conceal a gun anywhere around their waistline regardless of clothing type worn, with full retention and safety. For those that wear suits or formal attire with shirts tucked in, the system also makes it possible to conceal a handgun while tucking in the shirt, with no clips showing on your belt.

“At PHLster, our mission is to demystify concealed carry and provide market-leading free educational resources which enable concealed carriers of all experience levels to achieve the best possible results, regardless of their experience level,” says Jon Hauptman, owner of PHLster Holsters. “Our educational resources and products work hand-in-hand to help carriers put these principles into practice. As our education reaches more and more concealed carriers, we find ourselves encountering customers much earlier in their concealed carry journey than ever before. And more and more of those people are carrying with Taurus. We want to be there with both education and products to help ensure their concealed carry success.”

To learn more about the new PHLster Skeleton holsters. the Enigma Express system for the Taurus GX4 family and other products from Phlster, visit


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