First Look: Original Precision Moon Clips and Cylinders

Improve the reliability of your carry revolver with this cylinder and moon clip combination.

posted on November 10, 2022
Original Precision

Original Precision is a small shop based out of Queen Creek, AZ, that focuses on specialized Smith & Wesson revolver accessories. Original Precision’s latest product is the CCW HDTM moon clip that is meant for J-frame size revolvers as well as a revolver cylinder treatment (CCW HDTM CNC machined cylinder conversion) service that modifies the cylinder in order to facilitate the use of moon clips and make case extraction easier overall.

Original Precision initially developed these moon clips and cylinder modifications because of the fact that at certain times, extracting spent casings from J-frame sized revolvers could be tricky and cumbersome. Casings do not always eject at the same time or the ejector star may slip past the rim of a casing, fouling the extraction. Recognizing that this could be an issue in a defensive scenario, Original Precision borrowed the idea for these clips from both competition revolvers, which typically use moon clips for efficiency, and the original M1917 World War One-era service revolver which also used moon clips to load  ammunition. Original Precision then experimented with similar modifications in these smaller, snub nosed carry revolvers for people who choose to carry a revolver for defensive use.

Currently, Original Precision is offering its gunsmithing J-frame revolver cylinder treatment modification with a range of prices, starting at $75 for a basic CNC and up to $195 for the premium CNC conversion job. These modifications do not alter the headspacing of cartridges, nor do they prevent reloading the revolver via other means such as speed strips or speed loaders. CCW HDTM moon clips are built from heat treated stainless steel and are compatible with a wide variety of .38 Special and .357 Magnum cartridge brands. A pack of three moon clips retails for $27.

To learn more, please visit Original Precision’s website at


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