First Look: ODIN Works AR-15 Billet Upper Receiver

posted on June 16, 2018
With an expansive market of AR-15 components and accessories available, the modern-day AR-15 fan has a litany of choices when it comes to picking the elements for an all-new AR build. One of the latest options on the market is the AR-15 Billet Upper Receiver available now from ODIN Works.

Machined entirely from 7075 aluminum, this upper-receiver design steps beyond the mil-spec options flooding the market today. The design is meant to be sleek, slim and trim, having no forward assist. This aids in lowering the overall weight of the design, and the unit features machined pockets that are recessed to remove unnecessary bulk without reducing the overall strength of the receiver.

However, overall function is unimpeded, particularly since the unit is built with a low-profile brass deflector that still directs spent cartridges away from the shooter without adding extra bulk or weight to the overall design. Plus, as an added benefit, the unit looks cooler than your average mil-spec upper receiver.

The ODIN Works AR-15 Billet Upper Receiver is a perfect starting point for your next build, since it's essentially a blank canvas waiting for an owner's personal touch. The upper ships only with an attached dust cover. Users must find their own charging handle to complement the design, as well as a bolt-carrier group for the internals. The unit is ready to accept any standard AR barrel nut.

Also found on this design is a machined-in Picatinny optics rail running along the top of the receiver, providing plenty of real estate for your rifle optic or rear sight. Options are available in black and flat dark earth, with the all-black option retailing at a suggested price of $159. The FDE model retails at a suggested price of $179.


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