First Look: Nightforce Optics MOA-XT Reticle

All the advantages of a "Christmas Tree" reticle, but with MOA subtensions.

posted on May 18, 2023
Nightforce Reticle

Nightforce Optics is introducing a new feature-rich Minute of Angle (MOA) based reticle that mirrors its popular milliradian-based MIL-XT reticle.

Mil-based reticles have ballooned in popularity due to factors such as their practicality in military use and the surge in popularity of PRS rifle shooting competitions. This has also led to mil-based reticles to have all types of extra features to aid shooters with wind calls and holdovers. Nightforce designed the new MOA-XT reticle to provide some of these additional shooting features, while still working with the traditional MOA measurements.

“Over the last few years, improvements in the precision of hunting firearms and ammunition and the growth of shooting disciplines like the NRL Hunter created a need for reticles with improved holdover shooting capability. Our goal was to give the MOA shooters all the features required for these new shooting challenges, without switching to an MRAD (mil) reticle. The new MOA-XT reticle brings the holdover capabilities and intuitive labeling of our most popular MRAD reticle for field shooting, the MIL-XT, while maintaining MOA graduations,” said Chad Van Brunt, the Director of Marketing and Product Management for Nightforce Optics.

The new Nightforce MOA-XT reticle provides a grid of holdover points below the main stadia so shooters can compensate for both windage and elevation. There is a floating center dot that provides the shooter with a fine aiming point for precision shooting. Reference numbers are alternated in size in order to provide confidence and speedy engagement at any magnification. In short, this reticle lets the shooter make quick and easy longer distance shots with precise holds.

The MOA-XT reticle is Nightforce’s solution for hunters, competitors, and all shooters who require the versatility of a holdover-style reticle and prefer a minute of angle scope. Riflescopes are available in the following models.

  • ATACRTM 7-35x56 F1
  • ATACRTM 5-25x56 F1
  • ATACRTM 4-20x50 F1
  • ATACRTM 4-16x42 F1
  • NX8TM 4-32x50 F1
  • NX8TM 2.5-20x50 F1

Please visit for more information on this reticle or other products from Nightforce Optics. 


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