First Look: ZeroTech 3-18 x 50mm Illuminated Riflescope

A First Focal Plane scope with ZeroTech’s LRH reticle.

posted on August 28, 2022
Zero Tech 3 18X50mm

ZeroTech Optics, the Australia-based optics firm, is announcing the release of a new full-size optic, the 3-18x50 mm TRACE Advanced Illuminated Riflescope. The TRACE Advanced Illuminated Riflescope is a 3-18x50 mm front focal plane optic that builds on the successful ZeroTech TRACE Advanced 4.5-27x50 mm riflescope. It is also the third and newest member of the ZeroTech TRACE Advanced riflescope line. This new scope is an MRAD (milliradian) based optic that features ZeroTech’s Long Range Hunter (LRH) illuminated reticle. The in-house designed LRH reticle is a “Christmas tree” style reticle useful in long distance and precision with its grid-like arrangement of dots, crosses, and stadia lines. Like the other two options in the ZeroTech TRACE Advanced scope family, this new scope also has an etched front-focal-plane (FFP) reticle. This means that the size of the reticle will look bigger or smaller in proportion to the variable zoom level the optic is set on.

Additional Specifications:

  • 3-18X power variable zoom
  • 30 mm main tube diameter
  • 50 mm objective lens
  • 0.1 MRAD click value
  • 92% Light Transmission
  • 29 ounce weight
  • 3.9 inch eye relief
  • 25 meter to infinity parallax adjustment
  • Includes a zero stop
  • Weathershield coated lens
  • Precision turret system
  • LRH Reticle
  • 26 MRAD Internal elevation adjustment
  • 20 MRAD Internal windage adjustment

Each ZeroTech TRACE Advanced Illuminated Riflescope also includes the following from the factory:

  • Heavy-duty alloy flip-up covers
  • Locking ring tool for HD flip-up covers
  • Turret allen key
  • 3 Spare turret grub screws
  • Manual
  • Reticle range chart
  • Microfiber cloth

Retail pricing for the ZeroTech TRACE Advanced Illuminated Riflescope starts at $1199. For more information on this optic or to further explore their product catalog, please visit ZeroTech’s website at


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shooter at the range

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