First Look: New Rimfire Rifles from Masterpiece Arms

Two new chassis systems designed for .22LR precision rifle matches.

posted on October 28, 2022
Masterpiece Arms Rimfire Rifles

Masterpiece Arms now has two new rimfire rifles that are bedded with two different stock/chassis options; the ESR or the Matrix Pro. Masterpiece Arms is using a Curtis Action, originally designed for centerfire cartridges, that has been modified for use with rimfire .22 Long Rifle cartridges.

Masterpiece Arms is known for making high-quality, high-performance bolt-action rifles, so the chambers on these firearms are specifically set up for SK/Lapua match grade .22LR cartridges or similar cartridges with corresponding bullet profiles to insure the highest level of accuracy possible. To help fit your gun more precisely to your cartridge of choice, the barrel uses an adjustable barrel nut system that allows uses to adjust the headspace to their specific needs. These rimfire rifles are built to order and customers are able to select a custom barrel length between 20 and 26 inches. In the same vein, customers have the option of choosing either a barrel with a 1:12-inch or 1:16-inch barrel twist. The barrels for this rifle are built from 416RQ stainless steel and are pull button rifled, hand lapped and polished. In addition, they are measured with a Sheffield Air Gage to no more than .0001-inch bore and land variation. 

Both the Matrix Pro and ESR chassis systems are designed around modern bolt action shooting applications, like PRS/NRL style competition shooting. Both chassis systems are feature rich with the bells and whistles that allow shooters to extract the most performance possible from these precision-barreled actions, including precision bedding surfaces, rear bag rider cut outs and hooks, mounts for Arca-Swiss rails and many other options.

Shooters interested in these precision rimfire bolt-action rifles are encouraged to visit Masterpiece Arm’s website at in order to see and understand the full range of features and options afforded to these made-to-order rifles. Retail pricing starts at $2,999.   


Sheriff Jim Wilson
Sheriff Jim Wilson

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