First Look: New Gun Cabinet from Steelhead Outdoors

Build your own gun storage cabinet.

posted on March 8, 2024
Steelhead Outdoors

Steelhead Outdoors is launching a new 25-gun storage cabinet called the “Scout 25 Gun Cabinet.” This affordable residential security container is constructed from 14-gauge steel and uses patent-pending vertical-beam technology. The locking and unlocking is provided by a Sargent and Greenleaf (S&G) Spartan lock which is reinforced with a single layer hardplate. Since this cabinet comes in four different boxes and is assembled on site, it gives gun owners flexibility of where and how they can build this safe, especially in terms of being able to place this locking cabinet in an area or room where it would be physically impossible to move as an intact gun safe.  

The Steelhead Outdoors Scout 25 Gun Cabinet is 25 inches wide, 60 inches wide and 15 inches deep. Inside the Scout 25 there is an adjustable steel shelf and an inline rack for nine guns. Additional shelves, door organizer panels or other accessories can also be purchased separately. The locking carriage has eight locking points that will lock every few inches along the door and each locking point engages with eight reinforced slots to thwart pry attacks.

"Our Steelhead Outdoors Scout high-security gun cabinet offers significantly upgraded gun cabinet features versus the competition," said Steelhead Outdoors Co-Founder Corey Meyer. "Our goal was to provide a best-in-class gun locker at a price point lower than our safes."

The new Steelhead Outdoors Scout 25 Gun Cabinet has a starting retail price of $1,600, and Steelhead Outdoors can ship these to any state in the US lower 48 for $150 via UPS. Because the Scout 25 is a cabinet and not a full-on gun safe, it ships in four separate boxes. The fully assembled and completed cabinet only weighs 175 pounds and can easily be assembled by a single person. To learn more about this new residential security container or other products sold by Steelhead Outdoors, please visit


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