First Look: New Color Options For The Springfield Armory Hellion

Available for the 16-inch-barrel version only.

posted on November 15, 2023
Springfield Hellion Colors

Springfield Armory is releasing three new color options for the Hellion 5.56mm bullpup rifle. The new colors are Desert Flat Dark Earth (FDE), Olive Drab (OD) Green and Urban Gray and are available exclusively on the 16-inch-barrel version of the Hellion.

“The Hellion was an immediate hit due to its combination of proven performance and compact handling characteristics,” says Steve Kramer, Springfield Armory’s Vice President of Marketing. “With these new colors available for the 16-inch-barreled gun, bullpup enthusiasts have even more options from which to choose.”

The Hellion is based on a proven design which started with the service rifle for the Croatian military. The rifle has a semi-automatic action nestled in a short, modular and fully ambidextrous 5.56 NATO bullpup platform. The bullpup system locates the action and the magazine behind the trigger and into the buttstock area, unlike a traditional long gun, which locates the action in front of the trigger. This setup drastically reduces the overall length of the rifle while still allowing you to have a barrel long enough to retain effective downrange performance. The Hellion uses standard AR-pattern magazines as well as AR-pattern pistol grips. There are also M-Lok slots in the handguard and six QD mounts which allow you to customize the rifle to your particular needs.

The bullpup action means that the spent cases are ejected behind the trigger, which can be a problem for left-handed shooters. To solve this problem, Hellion features a reversible ejection system that requires no additional parts or tools to switch from right-handed to left-handed use. Complementing this is a set of fully ambidextrous controls, including the safety, charging handle, magazine release and bolt release. A five-position collapsible buttstock as well as a two-position adjustable gas system for use with a suppressor further Hellion’s adaptability.

MSRP for each of the new variants of the Hellion is $1,999. For more information on these rifles or other products from Springfield Armory, please visit


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