First Look: N8 Tactical Holsters G2 Series Holster Backer

posted on August 18, 2021
Inside the waistband holster with clip

N8 Tactical is dedicated to providing quality products with superior comfort for all day, everyday carry, and now the company has introduced the next generation in EDC holster technology with its new G2 Series Backer. This second-generation backer is now included across the most popular N8 Tactical IWB and OWB holster lines.

The new G2 Series Backer combines three layers, each with a specific function to ensure the kind of comfort and security that serious EDC/CCW practitioners demand from their  holsters. The first layer is a durable black leather that is ergonomically contoured for a no-pinch fit and maximum support for the handgun. The smooth surface facilitates an easy draw while protecting the firearm finish from marring or scratching.

The middle layer is made of moisture-proof neoprene, which serves two critical functions essential to all-day handgun carry. First, it's a moisture barrier that prevents sweat and body oils from reaching the handgun metal and compromising the leather over time. Secondly, the cushioning effect of the neoprene layer works in conjunction with the leather to prevent uncomfortable pressure points, like when you/re sitting or when buckled into a vehicle.

Lastly, the G2 Series Backer has a new perforated suede material that its positioned next to the skin or clothing. This layer reduces chafing and slides easier along tucked shirts or undergarments to prevent uncomfortable bunching and pulling of your clothing, and because it's made from breathable suede, the layer also minimizes moisture build up by promoting airflow between the body and the holster.

Also adding to carry comfort is a new nylon webbing along the perimeter of the G2 Series Backer. This eliminates the harsh edging typical of stiff leather backers and allows the holster to easily accommodate body movement without rubbing on the skin or dragging clothing.

The new G2 Series Backer will be included on the OT2, OT2 Combat, Professional, and Revenant holsters as well as the FLEX IWB Mag Carrier from N8 Tactical.

In addition to this, N8 Tactical has made additional upgrades to the Professional and Revenant IWB holsters and the Pro-Lock OWB holster. All three G2 series models now come with firearm-specific molded Kydex pockets instead of the original polycarbonate pockets and now incorporate N8 Tactical’s popular Twist Release Retention System.

The Pro-Lock OWB holster and Flex OWB single and dual magazine carriers now come with two layers of rugged cowhide backing for added firearm and mag support when used in OWB configuration. The same nylon edge webbing introduced on the G2 Series Backer is also included on the Pro-Lock G2 holster and the Flex OWB G2 mag carrier.

For more information on the new G2 Series EDC holsters and carry solutions or to see the full line of N8 Tactical products, please visit


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