First Look: Mossberg 590S Shotguns

posted on October 27, 2021
Man on range shooting firearm

Mossberg recently launched four new shotgun models in the 590S series, including two new models of the pump action Shockwave. The new shotgun series can reliably handle 1.75-, 2.75-, or 3-inch shotshells, and comes in standard full-size platforms (18.5- or 20-inch barrels) and the Shockwave format (14.375- or 18.5-inch barrels). 

Unlike previous models that required a special adapter to handle mini shells, the new 590S utilizes an energy absorbing bumper that allows for use of the mini shell. Likewise, the 590S can handle all loads simultaneously and interchanged. The pump-action shotgun also comes with a redesigned elevator and bolt slide; it is capable of handling a wide variety of 12-gauge shells right out of the box. 

The first two models of the 590S feature full-length buttstocks (13.87-inch length of pull) with a matte blue finish and black synthetic stock (either M-Lok compatible or standard pump-style). The M-Lok variant comes with ghost ring sights and carries an MSRP of $731.The non-M-Lok variant has an MSRP of $623 and comes with bead sights. 

The Shockwave has already proven to be incredibly popular; the new 590S variants aim to capitalize on that success. With built in bumper (no need for aftermarket adapter) and the capability to handle various shell sizes, including the mini shell, the Shockwave 590S is an ideal option for personal or home defense. It is available in either a 14.375-inch barrel or 18.5 inches. With an MSRP of $623, the 590S Shockwave comes with the Raptor grip. 

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