First Look: Mission First Tactical Decorated Wallets

posted on November 14, 2019
With all of today's complicated EDC accessories and other gadgets, it's refreshing to see a company heading back to basics with a simple, minimalist design that can be employed effectively in an everyday-carry kit. Mission First Tactical did just that at the end of 2019 with the launch of the company's Decorated Wallets, which provide a slim, protective carrying case for credit cards or business cards. As an added bonus, a number of custom designs are available to allow users to express themselves.

Building off the company's extensive experience with durable Boltaron, Mission First Tactical forms its wallets from the same Boltaron material used in its line of holsters. This provides consumers with a tested, trusted, durable wallet that can withstand years of EDC abuse with ease. After molding and forming the wallet, unique designs are chemically bonded to the exterior surface of the wallet in a process that prevents any scratching, wear or chemical erasure of the exterior design.

A number of popular designs are available in the Mission First Tactical Decorated Wallet lineup, including the Gadsden Flag, Liberty or Death, Join or Die, Betsy Ross Flag, Punisher Skull and a number of other American-flag themes. The wallets are available in two sizes, with the smallest size accommodating eight credit cards or 15 business cards and the largest size allowing users to carry up to 15 credit cards or 25 business cards. The suggested retail pricing on the company's wallet line is $24.99.

In addition to Mission First Tactical's new line of Boltaron wallets, the company also launched a complete line of EDC dump trays featuring similar designs to the wallets. No longer will consumers have to search for elements of their EDC kit! Just empty your pockets into the unique dump tray located on your nightstand, and all your go-to tools will be ready and waiting to start a new day. The tray is separated into two areas, with a small area measuring 3.5 x 7 inches for a smartphone and a larger tray area measuring 6 x 7 inches for other pocket-size items.

The overall size of the MFT Dump Tray is 8.2 x 11.2 inches, allowing it to fit easily onto a nightstand or other work surface. The suggested retail price on the dump trays is $39.99. For more information on these new products from Mission First Tactical, visit the company's website at


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