First Look: Meprolight MEPRO RDS PRO V.2

posted on March 14, 2019
Meprolight USA enhanced its optical offerings for 2019 by announcing the launch of an all-new, second-generation red-dot optic in the form of the MEPRO RDS PRO V.2. This improved sighting system is designed to increase user capability, thanks to a number of upgrades over the company's original model.

One of the principle upgrades added to the new V.2 model of the MEPRO RDS PRO involves the rheostat, which provides adjustable brightness settings for the dot inside the sighting window. The original model provided four different brightness settings, while the all-new model quadruples the number of settings to 16 different levels. This allows users to better tune their dot's brightness level to match ambient lighting conditions. Additionally, the illumination on the V.2 model is also enhanced with the addition of both red and green aiming patterns, allowing users to choose which color works better with their environment and allows them to quickly and easily get on target.

The available aiming patterns inside the optic have also increased, as the new MEPRO RDS PRO V.2 provides 2-MOA aiming dots, bullseye-style circle-dot reticles and a calibrated BDC-style reticle that's tuned for use with 300 BLK loads. Additionally, the battery system inside the optic has also been enhanced for improve life, providing users with thousands of hours of operation. This new system incorporates improved LED technology that significantly decreases battery usage while maintaining the ability to provide bright, clearly seen reticles in all lighting conditions.

In addition to the lower power drawn by the LED system, the sight also incorporates an energy-saving auto shut-off feature, which powers up the optic to the last-selected brightness level when the rifle is brought into action. The MEPRO RDS PRO V.2 is also powered with a single, commonly available AA battery and has a low-power indicator that warns users when it's time to swap out batteries. Each V.2 model features a display window measuring 33x20 mm, while the overall size of the optic is 116x60x68 mm. Total weight, without the battery installed, comes to slightly less than 10.6 ounces, and the suggested retail price on the sight is $599.


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