First Look: Mepro Back-Up Sight Sets

Two new Picatinny-mount sight sets with built-in tritium illumination.

posted on March 19, 2022
Mepro backup sight sets

New from Mepro are two just-released front and rear backup sight sets. The engineers at Mepro have a background of service in the Israel Defense Forces, and they know first-hand the value of having a go-to-back-up plan. They designed a pair of back-up sights out of this experience to give shooters another option that keeps them in the fight in case their optic goes down.

The FUBS is a tritium-enhanced, self-illuminated front and two-dot rear backup sight that is designed to provide secondary sighting solution in case your primary optic is not available. These low-profile sights mount to any Picatinny rail and are designed to be very durable. The fiberglass reinforced polymer and metal construction houses the tritium vial which provides the illumination, allowing you to confidently engage targets in day or night conditions.

The Mepro FRBS sight set has a Hyper-Bright front sight that incorporates tritium in the sights to improve the sight picture day or night. This upgraded means your front sight has an extremely bright colored ring with tritium illumination in your choice of green, yellow, or orange colors. The contrasting sight color enables shooters to acquire the front sight faster and improves target acquisition in all lighting conditions. A two dot or four dot rear sight is available in either black or tan to match the color of the front sight. The night-time illumination of the FRBS is designed to be bright enough to see your sights but not too bright to impact your sight picture.

These durable, tritium enhanced, secondary sights come in either black or tan and are designed to lay flat against the Picatinny rail to maintain a low profile that's out of way until needed. Both sights are constructed of fiberglass reinforced with high-grade polymer and metal with a rearward operating spring that allows you to quickly flip them forward into place. Windage and elevation on both sights are easy to adjust without the need for special tools. The sights also include a 12-year warranty on the tritium illumination.

For more information on either the FUBS or FRBS backup sight sets from Mepro, please visit


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