First Look: McMillan A6 Precision-Rifle Stock

posted on August 18, 2018

The new McMillan A6 Adjustable rifle stock is the latest in its line of A-series stocks. The direct descendant of the extremely popular A5, the McMillan A6 features several marked improvements over its predecessor.

To start, the newly smooth fore-end now boasts flat sides in addition to its flat bottom. This really locks the rifle in place when shooting off barricades and aids in pairing with most tripod systems. The pistol grip has also had its texturing removed and instead is slightly swollen, improving grip for shooters on both ends of the hand-size spectrum.

The buttstock features a hook for easier one-handed manipulation of the gun, a flat bottom to stabilize the rear and a cheek piece for the perfect cheek weld. From the material to the well thought-out design, this is a stock on which everything exists for a specific purpose, bringing the shooter the ultimate utility whether he finds himself leaning into a bipod shot or bracing up off a wall. 

As far as options are concerned, the Adjustable A6 can be inlet for most Remington actions, and comes in three styles: flat top (no inlet), basic inlet (action outline and barrel channel), and full inlet (action and barrel inlet, molded-in color). The cheekpiece hardware, pad, studs, rail and other such accessories are available separately.

I myself had the opportunity to test the stock and can confirm the A6 provides a rock-solid platform to shoot from, mitigating recoil well for its relatively light weight. The swollen pistol grip makes acquiring a consistent hold fast and easy, while the ergonomics of the rifle make settling into a shot downright comfortable. While initially concerned about the lack of texturing (I’m the type who really appreciates a handle chewing into one’s hand for a secure lock), I found the swollen nature of the grip to be more than adequate in maintaining my hold, despite some incredibly sweaty palms.

In shooting from a standing table, the stock provided an accurate platform for what I consider one of my least-favorite shooting positions, thanks in no small part to the adjustable cheekpiece. This easy adjustment kept my cheek weld tight, despite the slightly awkward positioning, allowing me the freedom to load the bipod without sacrificing support.  

The McMillan Adjustable A6 will retail at $338 for the flat top, $390 for the basic inlet and $548 for the full inlet.


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