First Look: Magpul MOE K2-XL Grip

posted on January 11, 2021
Magpul recently introduced the MOE K2-XL Grip, which is designed for shooters with larger hands. Similar to the MOE K2 Grip, the XL variant is nearly 25 percent larger and serves as a drop-in upgrade for the AR-15/M4-style rifle. 

The MOE K2-XL also features a more vertical grip angle, improving comfort and control on rifles with a shorter length of pull, allowing shooters to keep the primary hand closer to the body. The larger grip allows finger placement ideal for precision shooting, thus improving accuracy potential. 

The new grip also features an XL grip cap, oil bottle grip core, and mounting hardware; keep in mind other Magpul grip cores will not fit the K2-XL. Likewise, an aggressive Trapezoidal Surface Projections (TSP) texture allows for positive firearm control, along with front and rear serrations for traction, with a proprietary XL grip cap and styling that provides better overall ergonomics for the AR platform. 


  • Approximately 25 percent larger than MOE K2 Grip
  • More vertical angle provides optimal hand position for modern shooting techniques
  • Accepts proprietary XL grip cap and oil bottle grip core (not compatible with current grip cores)
  • Front and rear serrations for positive traction
  • TSP textured side panels for enhanced weapons control
  • Fits standard AR/SR pattern grip tangs 
  • Colors: FDE, Black, ODG 
  • MSRP: $23.95

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