First Look: Maglula Steyr AUG StripLULA Magazine Loader

posted on August 14, 2018
One of the most-popular bullpup rifles on the market is the Steyr Arms AUG, and there are many guns on the market that are designed to take the proprietary magazines originally designed for the gun rather than the more-recent STANAG-compatible rifles designed to take plentiful, affordable AR-15 magazines. For those who are purists or have an older model AUG, Maglula developed a variant of its successful StripLULA magazine loader to work with Steyr AUG factory magazines.

Those who have developed the familiar soreness associated with thumbing single rounds into a magazine know the benefits offered by a fast, easy speedloader. Unlike other loading-assist devices on the market, the StripLULA is designed to work with both loose rounds and stripper clips, giving users the ability to pack 10 rounds at a time into a magazine with one smooth, trouble-free motion.

Made from durable, rigid polymer, the Maglula StripLULA features a tail that clips onto the rear of the magazine's feed lips, locking the loader into place. This positions the loading rail on the body in line with the top opening of the magazine body. Users can simply slide in a 10-round stripper clip, made from either metal or polymer, of 5.56 NATO ammunition or slide 10 single rounds into place on the loading rail. Once all 10 rounds are in position, a slider flips onto the top of the ammo stack, providing a wide, level pad to push the rounds into the magazine in one quick, smooth motion. This procedure allows 30-round magazines to be loaded in a fraction of the time it takes to load rounds one at a time, all without a sore thumb.

As an added bonus, the StripLULA also works as an unloading tool, with the tail of the loader acting as a lever to press rounds out one at a time. Maglula warns that the StripLULA is designed to function with Steyr Arms factory magazines only and will not load rounds into the Magpul AUS magazine. The suggested retail price on the magazine loader is $32.


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