First Look: Lyman A-Zoom Blue Snap Cap Value Packs

posted on March 31, 2018
For dry-fire practice at home and for testing firearm function, having a solid pack of snap caps is a must. One of the latest offerings from Lyman Products is the company's A-Zoom Blue Snap Cap value packs, which incorporate all of the benefits of the company's standard snap caps into a more affordable package for budget-minded shooters.

Some snap-cap options on the market are made from soft plastic, which can easily deform and become unusable after hard use. The A-Zoom offerings are designed to last, having been CNC-machined from solid aluminum billet. The surface is then hardened through a blue anodized finish, ensuring that users will get extended service out of their pack of snap caps, as much as 30 times longer than comparable polymer caps.

The company's traditional line of A-Zoom Snap Caps are available in more than 120 calibers, ranging from .22 Hornet to .50 BMG. However, the all-new value packs available from the company cover many of the most-common calibers used by modern-day shooters and sells packs at a cost savings of as much as 60 percent over other options on the market. Fourteen different caliber options are provided in the new lineup.

For shotgunners, two gauges are offered in the lineup: 12-gauge and 20-gauge, covering most of the guns on the market designed for hunting, competition and tactical use. Each pack ships with five dummy shotshells and retails at a suggested price of $19.98.

Handgunners have a number of options, divided into segments that cater to semi-automatic pistol shooters and revolver aficionados. The four calibers offered in the centerfire-pistol lineup are .380 ACP, 9 mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP. Each pack ships with 10 rounds, and the suggested retail price on the packs start at $23.98. Revolver calibers sold through the Blue Snap Cap Value Packs are .38 Spl. and .357 Mag., with each wheelgun pack shipping with 12 dummy cartridges and selling at a suggested retail price of $27.98.

Finally, centerfire-rifle shooters have a wide selection of options that cover everything from common calibers found in modern sporting rifles to popular rounds for hunting and precision use. Shipping in packs of 10 rounds are .223 Rem. and .308 Win. Caliber packs chambered in .243. Win., .270 Win., .30-30 Win., and .30-06 Springfield ship with five rounds each. The suggested retail price on the centerfire-rifle packs starts at $19.98.


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