First Look: Kahr Arms CW380 & CT9 Black Carbon Fiber Pistols

posted on August 9, 2017
Kahr Arms expanded its lineup of concealed-carry handguns with two new models in its CW380 and CT9 product lines. These two pistols are now available with black carbon-fiber frames, giving the guns an attractive look that stands out from the pack.

The company's unique black carbon-fiber frame finish first made an appearance in 2016 on the Kahr CW9. The carbon-fiber weave pattern is incorporated into the polymer frame of the gun and provides a three-dimensional look to the frame itself while also adding an additional level of texturing, ensuring that users have the best possible retention capabilities built into their handgun.

In addition to the carbon-fiber frame texture, the guns are also built with slides constructed from stainless steel. These slides feature a matte finish that won't cause glare in sunlight while also providing a level of corrosion resistance. Both the CW380 and the CT9 are part of the company's Value line of handguns, providing all the necessary features at an affordable price.

The Kahr Arms CW380 Black Carbon Fiber is designed as a small pocket pistol that is easily incorporated into any concealed-carry kit. The gun is chambered in .380 ACP and features a six-round magazine capacity. The gun ships with a single magazine.

The CW380 operates using a locked-breech double-action-only mechanism and features a passive striker block for safety. The gun is built using a 2.58-inch barrel that features conventional 1:16 right-hand rifling. The overall length of the gun is 4.96 inches, and the gun measures 3.9 inches in height. Width of the slide at its widest point is .75 inch. Total weight of the gun is 10.2 ounces without the magazine.

The Kahr Arms CT9 Black Carbon Fiber is chambered in the larger 9 mm caliber, but the gun is still sized right for compact carry. The pistol features an eight-round magazine capacity and ships with one stainless-steel magazine.

The CT9 works using a locked-breech double-action-only mechanism and also features a striker block, like the CW380. The gun features a 3.965-inch conventionally rifled barrel with a rate of twist that measures 1:10-inch. The overall length of the gun is 6.5 inches long, while the height is 5.08 inches. Total width of the gun is 0.90 inch. The pistol weighs in at 18.5 ounces without a magazine.

The suggested retail price on the Kahr Arms CW380 Black Carbon Fiber is $439, while the CT9 Black Carbon Fiber pistol retails at a suggested price of $485.


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