First Look: JM4 Tactical Quick, Click & Carry Wallet

posted on November 8, 2017
The Quick, Click & Carry Wallet from JM4 Tactical offers a new take on the traditional wallet, giving owners the opportunity to change their carry setup with a product that offers more flexibility for the individual who's always going.

“As someone who coaches football and wears gym shorts on a regular basis, I got tired of my old wallet pulling down my shorts," JM4 Tactical Co-Owner Chad Myers said. "On [shorts] that did not have a pocket, I had to hold it in my hand, which, as we all know, turns you into a target. With our new wallet, you don’t have any of those issues because it attaches to your waist, or if you prefer, can still be put in your pocket.”

The new tactical wallet works on the same principle as the company's popular line of Quick, Click & Carry holsters, all of which use rare-earth magnets to allow for easy attachment and removal from the belt, giving users added flexibility for carrying inside or outside of the waistband.

Despite its novel carry attachment, the product is set up like a traditional everyday-carry wallet, providing users with space for credit cards, ID cards, money and other easily carried items. The wallet does not require a pocket for use and can be quickly clipped inside the waistband for concealed, discreet carry, keeping the wallet and its contents inaccessible to would-be thieves.

For instant access, the Quick, Click & Carry Wallet easily slips off the edge of any pants, allowing users to get at the contents. For even greater accessibility, the wallet can be carried outside the waistband. Thanks to the magnetic attachment, users don't even need a belt to carry the product securely. Simply clip it over the edge of any pair of pants and go.

The JM4 Tactical Quick, Click & Carry Wallets are made from high-quality, vegetable-tanned steer hide and are hand-dyed with a number of available colors. The company offers 10 different dye finishes, including teal, pink and purple in addition to the traditional tan, brown and black options. The suggested retail price on the company's carry wallet starts at $64.97.


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