First Look: Howa H7 In Kings Camo

A proven performer gets a new look.

posted on May 9, 2024
Howa H7 Kings Camo

Legacy Sports International, importer for Japanese-made Howa rifles, is now offering the Hera H7 rifle in Kings XK7 Camo. The Kings XK7 camouflage pattern is a modern pattern that makes use of seven different abstract patterns and textures in order to effectively break up the wearer's silhouette. The specific color palette used in the Kings XK7 camo pattern works well across the entire North American wilderness, and with its lighter-hue, muted green and tan tones, works especially well in high desert and mountain terrains.  

The Howa Hera H7 is a modern hybrid bolt-action hunting rifle. It combines both a chassis system and other practical aspects found on precision-oriented rifles, while still keeping a lightweight barrel contour and overall light weight that makes it easier to carry and hunt with in the field. The Howa Hera H7 chassis uses aluminum v-block bedding in addition to fiberglass reinforced polymer along with an aluminum fore-end. Like many modern bolt action rifles, it feeds from AICS-pattern, detachable, five-round magazines. 

As a rifle product line, the Howa Hera H7 series is available in two popular short-action centerfire rifle cartridges: .308 Win. and 6.5 Creedmoor. In addition to these two popular chamberings, Howa Hera H7 Series rifles are available in three different barrel lengths: 22 inch standard, 22 inch heavy and 24 inch carbon fiber wrap. All barrels have threaded muzzles and are suppressor ready. The H7’s heart and soul is the Howa 1500 action, which is trusted across the bolt action rifle universe. This dependable action borrows many design elements from some of the greatest turnbolt actions in the history of the bolt action rifle including the Mauser 98 and the Remington 700.

Visit to learn more about the new Howa Hera H7 with the King’s XK7 Camo pattern.


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