First Look: Galco Scout Gen 2 IWB Holster

posted on July 28, 2018
Galco improved the design of its popular Scout inside-the-waistband holster for 2018, and the Scout Gen 2 model features an enhanced belt-clip attachment designed to better-secure your concealed-carry gun. This all-new setup provides added security, thanks to the innovative pairing of the company's trademarked UniClip and Ultimate Stealth belt clips.

One unique, stand-out element of the Galco Scout Gen 2 holster that carries over from the company's original Scout IWB holster design is the rough-side-out format of the rig's leather construction. This style of holster provides a number of additional benefits versus similar designs with smooth-side leather exteriors. First, the rough texture of the leather helps to anchor the gun inside the waistband, ensuring that the holster/gun combination doesn't shift during daily carry.

The second added benefit is the smoothness of the leather interior, which promotes a faster, trouble-free draw, since the gun encounters less friction during its travel out of the holster. Galco also added additional leather reinforcement to the mouth of the holster, allowing wearers to easily reholster their firearm after a draw. This feature is particularly beneficial when it comes to training, since users can confidently reholster and practice their draw without having to remove and re-mount their carry rig inside the waistband during every draw stroke. The holster also features material cut away from the underside of the trigger guard, ensuring that users can obtain a solid firing grip before drawing their gun.

For 2018, the stand-out feature on the Galco Scout Gen 2 IWB holster is the inclusion of two innovative belt clips, both tuckable for easy concealment. The first clip included with the rig is the UniClip, which installs over a wearer's belt but also provides added security for those who carry without wearing a belt. Another belt included with the Scout is the Ultimate Stealth clip, featuring a hook that loops in behind the belt and secures to the belt's bottom side. This provides a more low-profile attachment option, with only the bottom hook of the clip showing. Each clip allows for cant adjustment, giving owners the flexibility of carrying the Scout in a strong-side, crossdraw or appendix-carry position.

The Galco Scout Gen 2 IWB holster is available with a natural cowhide finish and a black reinforced holster mouth. Fits are available for guns from 15 different manufacturers, and the suggested retail price on the rig starts at $83.


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