First Look: Galco Royal Guard 2.0 Holster

posted on January 22, 2019
After decades of production and use by concealed-carry holders across the country, Galco Gunleather aimed to incorporate years of consumer input into a new, improved model of its Royal Guard holster for 2019. The new Royal Guard 2.0 holster retains many of the same elements that made the original model one of the most-popular options in the company's lineup, but new elements and new fits bring this classic design up-to-date for modern-day handgunners.

Designed for use at the 3- to 5-o'clock positions inside a wearer's waistband, the Galco Royal Guard 2.0 is constructed entirely from horsehide, a close-grained leather that's more-rigid and more sweat-resistant than the cowhide traditionally used in today's leather concealed-carry holsters. The holster is stitched with the rough side of the leather out, allowing the rough surface to better-adhere to the inside of a wearer's pants for a solid, secure carry position that won't shift during daily use. The smooth interior of the holster allows for a fast, friction-free draw.

Each Galco Royal Guard 2.0 ships with 1.75-inch black belt loops, complete with unidirectional snap buttons that can only be secured or undone with pressure placed at a specific point on the snap to ensure that the snaps stay secured through any rigorous daily routine. The 1.75-inch loops are removable, and 1.25-inch belt loops are available for use with narrower dress belts. 

A handgun holstered inside the Royal Guard 2.0 will sit with an aggressive, forward cant. This aids in concealability by ensuring that the grip of the gun doesn't jut out from a wearer's body profile, enabling them to more-easily conceal their CCW pistol under a light cover garment without printing. Around the mouth of the holster, sandwiched between two pieces of leather, is a reinforced, metal band that allows users to reholster without removing the rig from inside the waistband.

The holster is available with a natural-horsehide finish and black belt loops only, and only right-hand models are available. Holster fits are available for guns from 16 different manufacturers, including the new-for-2019 Glock G43X and G48. The suggested retail price on the holster is $165.


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