First Look: Galco E-Z Loader Cartridge Strips

posted on June 17, 2020

Revolvers have undergone a bit of a renaissance in recent years. Many gun owners are preferring to carry a small, lightweight, compact snubnose double-action revolver with them as a defensive firearm, instead of a semi-automatic pistol. However, keeping a revolver topped off can be a bit of a challenge. As a rule, revolvers have a lower ammunition capacity than their semi-automatic cousins, and each chamber in the cylinder needs its own round.

Speedloaders have evolved to solve the problem of quickly reloading a revolver, but they too have their drawbacks. First, they are an “all or nothing” way of reloading your wheelgun. A speedloader is used after you dump out all the cartridges, fired or not, from your revolver. This means that you either shoot the gun until it’s empty and then reload or drop precious unfired rounds onto the ground as part of your reload.

The second issue with a speedloader is their size. They’re bulky (about the same size as the cylinder in a revolver. This makes them hard to conceal in everyday street clothes, which defeats the purpose of carrying a small and compact revolver. 

Now, however, Galco is introducing E-Z Loader cartridge strips. These strips are made from flexible Santoprene and carry up to six revolver cartridges ready for quick reloading. The slim design of the strip makes it easy to slip unnoticed into a convenient pocket in order to keep a quick reload handy. The individual rounds are then stripped off into the chambers of your gun which need fresh ammo. Reloading your revolver is a simple process, whether a full load or a “tactical” (partial) reload of a few rounds. The extended rubber tab makes the E-Z Loader easy to grab and sure to handle.

Galco E-Z Loader cartridge strips are sold in pairs for .38/.357 revolvers and have an MSRP of $9.95. More information on these products and other items from Galco is available at


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