First Look: Galco Ankle Trauma Medical Kit

posted on October 9, 2018
Many advocates of everyday preparedness insist on the immediate availability of emergency medical supplies, such as a tourniquet, to treat possible scenarios like gunshot wounds, stab wounds and other life-threatening injuries. However, the issue for many prepared citizens is the lack of space in casual or professional clothing to stash the required gear to treat such wounds. The Galco Ankle Trauma Medical Kit provides easily accessible medical gear in an area of the body that's left open for added accessories.

The concept of ankle carry isn't a new one, and Galco offers a range of ankle holsters for many small-sized concealed-carry guns. The ankle-carry concept received an upgrade with this latest product, though, which secures a number of essential medical supplies in an elastic, neoprene band secured by a hook-and-loop closure. Inside the band, wearers will find five separate pockets, each with a different width.

Each pocket features a separate retention strap to secure medical gear into place, and the pockets are sized to fit trauma-treatment gear like tourniquets, strap cutters, knives, multi-tools, bandages and clotting agents. With the flexibility of the neoprene band and the varying size of the pockets, users can customize their own emergency-response kit to fit potential scenarios in their daily life.

On its own, the Galco Ankle Trauma Medical Kit fits ankles and boots measuring up to 16 inches in circumference. For use on larger boots, Galco offers a Boot Extender band that increases circumference by an additional 5 inches. The band can be used on either ankle, providing ambidextrous access, and the band can be had in black only. Emergency medical tools are shown for illustration purposes only and are not included with the band. Consumers must obtain emergency medical supplies from other sources. The suggested retail price on the Galco ATM-Kit carrier is $69.95.


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