First Look: Firefield AR Cleaning Kit

posted on April 11, 2018
Whether your AR-style rifle is chambered in .223 Rem. or .308 Win., the Firefield AR Cleaning Kit has all the tools and accessories needed to give your firearm a solid cleaning in the field, thanks to the compact carry case that keeps all every element stored and ready for use.

Each cleaning kit ships with a 33-inch flexible wire cable that accommodates even the longest precision-rifle barrels, ensuring that there's no AR on the market that this kit can't clean effectively. The cable features a threaded end that fits two different-sized bore brushes sized to fit a .22-caliber and a .30-caliber rifle bore, respectively. Caliber-specific bore mops are also included in the kit and are compatible

Additionally, the kit ships with two chamber cleaning brushes that are purpose-built to scrub fouling off in the chamber star, where bolt lugs engage with the barrel extension, and the chamber itself. The chamber brushes are used with two solid-brass rod segments that attach to an included handle, which provides the control necessary to thorougly scrub the chamber end of the barrel.

Other features of the Firefield AR Cleaning Kit are two standard Nylon brushes, one small and one large, along with a brass cleaning jag and 20 ready-to-use cleaning patches. One of the more unique elements of this particular cleaning kit is the inclusion of a special applicator bottle, enabling consumers to fill the small, easily transportable bottle with their go-to cleaning chemical, ensuring that there's always enough on-hand to give a rifle a thorough cleaning in the field or at the range.

Every cleaning implement contained in the kit is housed in a zippered container made from durable 600D Nylon. The kit measures 5 inches long, 4.2 inches wide and 2.8 inches high, and total weight of the kit is 9.4 ounces. Each Firefield AR Cleaning Kit retails at a suggested price of $19.97.


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