First Look: Firefield AR-15 Multi-Tool

posted on May 23, 2018
With the heightened popularity of AR-15 rifles among American consumers comes the need for an ever-expanding aftermarket of maintenance, cleaning and adjustment tools designed for the platform. With all of the different products on the market, AR owners can easily fill a workshop with products designed for rifle work. Firefield condensed these must-have tools into a compact package with its AR-15 Multi-Tool, providing 15 different end-use options specifically designed for the AR-15 rifle.

Completely made from metal, the Firefield AR-15 Multi-Tool is purpose-built to provide all of the items necessary to tackle a wide range of AR-specific tasks, from cleaning the bolt to adjusting components. The tool even goes beyond rifle-specific tasks and gives users tools needed to mount and adjust optics. If you're in the field or at the range and your mount comes loose, there's no reason to pack everything up just to get back to your workbench. Simply break out the company's multi-tool and get right to work!

When the multi-tool opens, a pair of spring-loaded pliers emerge, providing a solid, general-use tool that fills a range of applications both on and off the AR platform. The spring-loaded design enables the pliers to be used with a single hand, allowing owners to handle their firearm while performing maintenance or adjustments. In addition to the piers, the tools also includes wire cutters, a blunt surface that can be used as a hammer, a bolt scraper, a bit driver, flat head driver, hex wrench, bottle opener, knife and a metal pick. The driver includes four different bits designed to fit most common bolt and screw heads found on today's modern firearms.

In a folded, stored position, the Firefield AR-15 Multi-Tool measures 4.2 inches long, 1.8 inches in height and 1 inch wide. Each multi-tool ships with a synthetic carrying pouch complete with a snap closure and individual pockets sized to fit the individual bits included in the kit. With all accessories included, the total weight of the multi-tool kit is 14.1 ounces. The suggested retail price on the AR-15 Multi-Tool is $39.97.


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