First Look: ESS Ultimate Sniper Drag Bag

Carry your long-range gear securely and safely.

posted on April 4, 2022
Ellite Survival Systems Drag Bag

If you have a precision rifle, you should probably have a high-quality bag to safely transport it. A cheap padded bag from the local discount store is not going to do a good job of protecting your rifle from bumps, dings and drops.

Elite Survival Systems has a solution for you in the Ultimate Sniper Drag Bag Rifle Case. An evolution of the company’s Sniper Tactical Operations Drag Bag, the new drag bag offers many high-end features at a reasonable price. Like most of the Missouri company’s products, this drag bag is made in the USA.

The main bag components are crafted from 1000 denier nylon, which is one of the most rugged nylon weaves used in tactical gear. It offers superior strength and abrasion resistance – traits important in a sniper’s drag bag. Hardware – such as snaps and zippers – are of matching high quality. Carry and drag handles are reinforced for years of reliable service.

The main compartment is zippered with a snap-close weather flap. Inside the main compartment are adjustable tie-downs to secure the rifle. Additionally, there are internal pouches for a cleaning rod and other maintenance gear. When fully unzipped, the sides of the case lay flat to offer complete access to the interior of the bag.

On the outside of the Ultimate Sniper Drag Bag Rifle Case are additional zippered pockets that contain PALS webbing for the attachment of MOLLE gear. Backpack straps, which are removable, and loops for attaching ghillie camouflage are also standard.

The internal length of this ESS drag bag is 53 inches. This should be long enough to store and transport most rifle systems. Elite Survival Systems offers the Ultimate Sniper Drag Bag at $249.95. It is backed by the company’s lifetime product guarantee. The drag bag is available in both black and coyote tan colors. More information on this bag and other products from Elite Survival Systems is available at


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