First Look: Ed Brown Special Forces SR Commander Pistol

posted on July 18, 2017
Ed Brown expanded its product lineup in 2017 with the addition of the new Special Forces SR Commander pistol, bringing some modern flavor to the typically traditional Ed Brown pistol collection.

"This addition of the Commander sized pistol to the Special Forces SR line is a natural progression," said John May, sales and marketing director for Ed Brown Products. "The balance and just-perfect look of the commander demands it be a part of the lineup."

The Ed Brown Special Forces SR Commander, featuring a 4.25-inch barrel, is one of the more interesting guns in the company's lineup, featuring a full-size grip and a cut-down Commander-length slide that adds a unique balance to the pistol. The company starts with a forged stainless-steel Commander-size frame and builds in a Stan Chen Customs Gen2 magazine well, which provides users with a funnel that facilitates easy reloading without adding length or bulk to the size of the pistol.

The SR Commander is also ready for suppression with a threaded barrel, with a thread pitch that measures 1/2x28 TPI. The slide also features front and rear cocking serrations, along with an inset Trijicon RMR red-dot sight in the slide for quick and trouble-free target acquisition. As a backup, the gun also features extra-high Trijicon suppressor-ready night sights that co-witness with the red dot, ensuring that users can get back into the fight if the electronic optic goes down.

The pistol is completed with the company's innovative Chainlink III treatment on the frame, giving users a textured surface that ensures a solid grip can be maintained, even in wet conditions. The gun also comes with Ed Brown's Gen4 trigger. The total weight of the pistol is 38 ounces, and models are available in 9 mm and .45 ACP. The suggested retail price on the Ed Brown Special Forces SR Commander pistol is $4,425.


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