First Look: Ed Brown 1911 Performance Magazine

posted on September 21, 2018
With more than half a century of experience in building custom 1911 handguns, Ed Brown engineers have learned a few things about one of the most-essential aspects to a trouble-free 1911: the magazine. With this wealth of experience, the company announced the launch of the Ed Brown Products 1911 Performance Magazine, bringing a tuned product to 1911 fans.

"I am very excited about our new magazine program, giving our customers the highest quality magazines at the best price," Ed Brown Sales and Marketing Director John May said. "Our 3-in-1 configuration, combined with the different size, caliber and black-nitride versions, allow our customers many options to suit their needs."

Each Ed Brown 1911 Performance Magazine starts life as a 0.025-inch thick tube of heat-treated stainless steel. The company polishes the inside and outside of the soon-to-be magazine body to a slick, friction-free finish in order to ensure smooth feeding, easy insertion and drop-free operation. The company adds a patented follower design that's built to provide issue-free feeding and reliable engagement of the slide stop once the last round is fired.

The company's 3-in-1 configuration provides two extra bumper pads along with each magazine, both with different thicknesses. Have an enlarged magazine well? Add on the thick base pad for surefire seating. Want to guarantee a fully seated magazine but don't want too much sticking out from the bottom of your gun? The thinner base pad will get the job done. Don't want anything jutting out at all? Leave the pads off for a flush-fit finish.

Magazines are available to fit Government-, Commander-, Officer- and Compact-size 1911 pistols, and caliber-specific models can be found in each category for gun chambered in .45 ACP, 9 mm and .38 Super. Each magazine is covered by Ed Brown's lifetime warranty, and the suggested retail price per mag is $19.95.


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