First Look: DeSantis Gunhide Variable 13 Holster

posted on January 21, 2019
Many of today's classic, traditional-looking leather holsters offer just a single method of carry that's carefully integrated into the crafted nature of these hand-tooled CCW rigs. For 2019, DeSantis Gunhide decided to combine the look of a classic, leather, OWB holster with the versatility and flexibility found in many of today's modern concealed-carry designs with the launch of its Variable 13 holster.

Constructed from premium saddle leather and stitched together in an attractive, flat-molded design, the DeSantis Variable 13 can be worn proudly with your most-attractive OWB concealed-carry gun at your next barbecue or range outing. However, this rig isn't all about looks. The polymer belt loops included with the holster are reversible, allowing both left- and right-handed shooters to situate the holster to their specific requirements. Additional mounting holes located on the leading edge of the holster also allows users to adjust the cant of the rig to either a straight or FBI forward cant. At the bottom of the holster, a tension screw allows users to fine-tune the level of retention offered by the rig.

However, the versatility of the DeSantis Variable 13 doesn't stop there. Though the holster doesn't ship with IWB clips, consumers can order the company's Y94 tuckable clip adapters, which ship with the modular struts and mounting hardware required to convert this attractive OWB holster into an inside-the-waistband, deep-concealment rig. The Y94 adapters attach to the belt on either side of the Variable 13 and include two C-clips that wrap around the outside of a gun belt and provide space for wearers to tuck in their shirt over the pistol and holster mouth.

Holster fits are available for firearms from nine different companies, including some of today's most-popular, duty-style handguns, such as the Glock G17 and 19, the SIG P320 and all standard, Government-size 1911s. Each DeSantis Variable 13 can be had in either black or tan leather, and the suggested retail price on the rig is $78.99.


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