First Look: DeSantis Gunhide 'Hidden Truth' Holster

posted on July 25, 2018
One concealed-carry position that continues to gain popularity in recent years is appendix carry, and a number of companies are coming up with unique holster designs that enhance the quick-access nature of this carry method, providing pistol and spare magazine in close proximity, so users can cut down on draw and reload time. One of the latest holsters to enter the market is the "Hidden Truth" holster from the DeSantis Pegasus lineup.

When compared to more-traditional methods of carry, the DeSantis Hidden Truth holster is designed to optimize the already-evident benefits of the appendix-carry position. Those who choose this forward-carry position are able to draw their guns faster and conceal them more easily when compared to a standard strong-side, 5-o'clock carry position. Draw time is quicker since there's less distance to travel as compared to the traditional strong-side method, and the gun is less likely to print, since shirts and other cover garments naturally hang over the gun, whereas tighter-fit clothing and bending over can reveal the outline of a handgun carried in the strong-side carry position.

One of the other features found in the DeSantis Hidden Truth design is an integrated magazine pouch. Like the carry gun, the mag pouch is carried in a forward position rather than on the support-side hip, where many traditional carry setups keep a spare mag. Since the appendix-carry position speeds up draw time due to shorter travel distances to a ready position, so too, does the forward-mounted magazine speed up reload time, since a user's hand has a shorter distance to travel to grab a reload versus reaching back behind the support-side hip.

Each DeSantis Hidden Truth appendix-carry holster is constructed from rigid Kydex, providing a gun-specific fit for your go-to carry pistol that locks into place and provides secure friction retention. The rig features a curved design that fits the natural contour of a wearer's body and attaches to the belt via two polymer C-clips. The clips can be used to adjust the ride height and cant of the carry rig, and J-clips are available as an optional extra to reduce the profile of the clips along the belt. Currently, fits are available for several popular Glock pistol models, including the Glock G19, G19 Gen 5, G23, G32 and G43.

Options in the Hidden Truth holster line are available in black only, and the suggested retail price on the holster starts at $59.99.


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