First Look: Crosstac VIPER Shooting Bag

posted on March 18, 2019
Colorado-based Crosstac, consisting of a team of engaged firearm enthusiasts developing rests, mats and other gear for today's tactical and competition shooters, found an issue when they headed out to compete. Many of today's rifle competitions involve shooting off unorthodox barricades and other unique rests, forcing shooters to develop workarounds using heavy, unwieldy shooting bags. This led to the development of the Crosstac VIPER Shooting Bag, a do-it-all design that allows competitors to build solid shooting positions on a range of barricade types.

"The VIPER Shooting Bag is another example of a product borne out of a real need," said Bret Heidkamp, a competitive shooter, founder and president of Crosstac. "That is what makes Crosstac unique. Our products are real solutions to the problems competitive shooters and hunters find in the field."

Each Crosstac VIPER Shooting Bag is constructed from a durable 500 Denier mil-spec nylon and is available in olive drab, coyote brown, multicam/blaze orange, multicam arid or standard multicam. The fabric features reinforced stitching on high-stress areas of the bag, ensuring that it'll stand up to rough treatment on the range or even out hunting. An open-ended design allows the bag to straddle any barricade, and the legs are designed with different widths, enabling shooters to adjust the bag's placement under an arm for different shot angles. One of the other benefits of this asymmetrical leg design is that it provides shooters with multiple height options (4, 9 and 13 inches) for a range of different offhand shots. 

The Crosstac VIPER Shooting Bag is stuffed with lightweight poly fill, so the entire bag weighs in at just 10.5 ounces. A zippered opening allows users to customize the amount of fill needed, and a built-in bungee cord is designed to squeeze extra air out of the bag on the fly, enabling users to adjust the firmness and height of the VIPER on the range. A carabiner clip located on the side of the bag allows it to be attached to any pack or rifle case, and two VIPER Shooting Bags can be clipped together to form a big-block shooting rest.

The suggested retail price on the Crosstac VIPER Shooting Bag is $89.99.


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