First Look: Crosstac Ruger Precision Rifle ARCA Rail

posted on March 25, 2019

The sport of precision-rifle shooting has blossomed in recent years, and the introduction of the Ruger Precision Rifle is one of the biggest reasons why long-range competitions have become so popular, so quickly. Accurate, inexpensive and yet packed with features, it’s the “go to” option for many gun owners looking to get into the long-range game. One new company enhancing the utility of the Ruger Precision Rifle in this sport is Crosstac, thanks to its new ARCA Rail attachment.

There are unique challenges to the sport of precision rifle, which are based off of real-world situations. It’s quite common for military and law-enforcement personnel to set up their rifles on a stable platform like a camera tripod for maximum stability, and shooting from a tripod is also a common occurrence in precision rifle. Getting your rifle (or camera) on and off a tripod quickly is easier with a quick-release mount, and one of the standard models of quick release, the ARCA-Swiss style (named after the ARCA-Swiss brand of large-format cameras) has become the de facto standard for mounting a rifle on a tripod in the world of precision rifle competitions and real-life applications as well.

The new Crosstac ARCA Rail is designed specifically for use with both Ruger Precision rifles and with its smaller cousin, the Ruger Precision Rimfire rifle. Built from Type 3 hardened and anodized stainless steel, the 16-inch rail also has an M-Lok mounting system. The rail features three quick-detach (QD) holes for various sling positions and has numbered positions up and down the length of the rail, making it easy to detach accessories and then re-attach in the exact same spot. In addition to this, Crosstac is offering a line of ARCA blocks designed to attach to the ARCA rail, which give you a solid shooting position and added stability when your rifle is pressed into a barricade or similar shooting position, as well as a QD mount to attach a sling or other accessory.

MSRP for the 100-percent American-made Ruger Precision ARCA Rail is $149.99, and the MSRP for an ARCA Block is $49.99. More information is available at


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