First Look: Colt King Cobra Target 22 LR

The look and feel of an iconic .357 Magnum revolver, the fun and easy shooting of 22LR.

posted on June 18, 2022
Colt King Cobra 22LR target

Colt’s Manufacturing Company has recently unveiled a new 10-shot rimfire revolver at the 2022 NRA Annual Meeting and Exhibits event recently held in Houston, Texas.

The Colt King Cobra Target 22 LR, also known as the “Baby Snake,” is a rimfire member of the classic King Cobra dynasty. Like its full caliber brethren, this rimfire revolver offers some of the same features that snake gun fans have come to love, such as the same trigger and styling cues found on the .357 King Cobra Target model. Colt also has incorporated the venerable Colt Python’s iconic vented rib on top of the barrel. However, the “Baby Snake” takes advantage of the smaller cartridge size of 22LR, giving you a 10 shot cylinder instead of the six rounds found in the original King Cobra.

Colt King Cobra Target 22 LR Features

  • One piece American forged stainless frame
  • 6- or 4.25-inch barrel with a Python style rib and full underlug;
  • Stainless steel barrels with 1:16-inch, RH twist
  • Adjustable target rear sight
  • Fiber optic front sight
  • Houge overmolded black rubber stocks
  • Ten round cylinder capacity

Colt also published a “sneak peek” video featuring Justin Baldini, the VP of Product Strategy of Colt-CZ USA, who showcases the new “Baby Snake.” "We are very excited to debut this new baby snake to our customers at NRA Annual Meetings,” says Mr. Baldini. “Shooting .22 LR is such an important part of shooting sports. It's where we come to learn as a beginner; and where we return as seasoned shooters to cost-effectively enjoy more time at the range. We're confident that new and old Colt fans will love what we've done with the new King Cobra 22 LR."

For more information on the King Cobra Target 22 LR and Colt’s wide selection of firearms, please visit their website at


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