First Look: Cold Steel Republic Knife

A ruggedly built fixed blade knife designed for the great outdoors.

posted on September 23, 2023
Cold Steel Republic

Cold Steel has just unveiled The Republic, a new fixed-blade field knife built around a 5-inch-long, S35VN-steel, drop-point-profile blade. The Republic is ideal for hunters, campers, anglers, backpackers or anyone who needs a dependable general purpose fixed blade knife while out in the field. 

The S35VN blade of The Republic is finished with a rugged and long lasting “Ionbond” finish that aids in extreme corrosion protection. In addition to this, the knife is outfitted with contoured Micarta grips that are also easy to remove in order to clean the knife or adapt it to any other personal preferences such as wrapping the tang in paracord. Other design elements found on The Republic include a five inch blade that has both jimping and a choil, which are there to provide an extremely secure grip while carrying out cutting tasks. Jimping is the term for the texture that is found on the rearward portion of the blade’s spine to be used as a place for the user to securely press with their thumb. A choil is a concave, curved cutout often found just behind where the cutting edge begins on the bottom side of the blade. This cutout is meant as an index point to nestle the cutting hand’s index finger, out of the way of the blade. When the cutting hand is securely gripping the jimping and the choil, these elements will prevent the hand from sliding forward and possibly becoming injured by the cutting edge, especially in slippery or wet field conditions. The Republic measures 3.9 mm at its widest point on the spine and weighs 8.4 ounces, adding up to a beefy and rugged knife that’s designed to hold up in the great outdoors.

MSRP for The Republic is $269.99, and for more information on this blade or other products from please visit


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