First Look: Century Arms BFT47 Rifle

Century Arms introduces its BFT47 rifle, an American-made AK-47-pattern carbine.

posted on February 24, 2022
Rifle facing left

Century Arms is introducing the all new BFT47 AK rifle, an all-American made rifle built from the requests received by Century Arms from the American consumer. The  BFT47 combines new features and components to the already dependable Century Arms platform. The name of the rifle pays respect to the foundation of this rifle, a bulged and forged trunnion. This new flagship rifle of Century Arms is the culmination of American engineering and the rugged performance of the AK platform.

“This is an exciting launch for Century Arms” said National Marketing Director Adam Ruonala. “For many years we have been the leader in AK sales in the US, we have taken that experience as well as the feedback from our millions of customers around the world and developed a rifle that we are confident will deliver in even the toughest of circumstances!”

The BFT47 was designed to be a reliable, durable and accurate AK, and to be available at a price point that the American can afford. The rifle features a bulged and forged 4140 steel front trunnion, a carburized 4140 steel bolt, 1.5 mm heat treated stamped 4130 steel receiver, manganese phosphate finish, and 16-inch, 1:10-inch-twist chrome-moly 4150 steel barrel. These design features combined with the legendary reliability of the AK system help the rifle  operate in high-stress conditions with all commercially available ammo available today. Simply put, this rifle is designed from the trunnion out to “Just Keep Going!”

All BFT47 rifles are backed by Century Arms’ limited lifetime warranty.

The first version of the BFT47 is the “Core” version, which features American hardwood furniture. Additional models will be available such as the "Essential" at a lower price point as well as the "Enhanced," a higher-end version that will include optics and other accessories.

The Core model of the BFT47 has an MSRP of $829.99. For more information on this gun or other products from Century Arms, please visit





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