First Look: Bushnell AR Optics Chase Laser Sight

posted on November 2, 2017
Bushnell's line of AR Optics launched several new laser products in fall 2017, including several that feature multi-faceted designs that allow users to get the most out of their AR-15 accessories. One of the company's new products is the Chase laser sight, combining back-up iron sights with an easy-to-use laser sight.

“Back-up iron sights are an important part of many shooters’ MSR accessory kit,” Bushnell AR Optics Line Manager Bryan Parrish said. “We combined the BUIS with a laser to cut weight and also increase the laser’s accuracy by aligning it with the bore.” 

The Bushnell Chase is a single, rail-mounted unit with an offset battery housing that provides a laser beam directly in-line with the bore, ensuring that users can zero their laser sight easily and depend on it for rapid target acquisition without having to worry about offset. The Chase is powered by a single CR2 battery.

The Chase is built with a single 5mW Class IIIa red laser beam, which is activated through the push of a single button and provides constant-on operation. Both red and green laser options are available. The housing on the Chase is designed to be completely waterproof, ensuring that you can count on your laser sight in any environment.

The second component of the two-part design on the Bushnell Chase is the addition of a simple flip-up rear sight. The unit features two buttons, one to activate the constant-on mode of the laser and the other to deploy the front sight. The front-sight post on the Chase is similar in design to many standard AR-15 front sights, featuring protective wings surrounding a height-adjustable post.

The benefit of the design on the Chase is that it eliminates the need for users to add multiple accessories to their rifle's handguard, allowing them to keep space free for better manipulation, weight-reduction or to have extra rail space free for further optics.

The Bushnell AR Optics Chase laser sight red laser is available now, selling for a suggested retail price of $301.45. The green-laser model will be released in January 2018 at an MSRP of $401.45.


Sheriff Jim Wilson
Sheriff Jim Wilson

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