First Look: Bond Arms Backup with Matte Finish

posted on August 24, 2020

The Bond Arms Backup blends compact concealability with the thump of the .45 ACP. The break-action Backup is only 4.5 inches long and weighs just 19 ounces, but it packs two 2.5-inch barrels for a two-round capacity. The original Backup remains a popular choice for armed citizens, and now, the Backup is available with a low-reflective surface finish, instead of polished stainless steel. All the parts that would normally be shiny on the Backup are bead blasted for a grayish, matte finish, while the frame features a dark textured powder coat finish. 

"The ultra-compact size, attractive matte-finish and popularity of the .45 ACP chambering among those who carry concealed made the Backup a Bond Arms best-seller right out of the gate," said Gordon Bond, president of Bond Arms.

The Backup is outfitted with Bond Arms newest rubber grips which provide a comfortable, solid foundation for shooting. Additional features on the gun include Bond’s patented rebounding hammer, retracting firing pins, a cross-bolt safety and a spring-loaded, cammed locking lever.

The barrels on the Backup are interchangeable with a few twists of a single hex-head screw, allowing you to create as many as 25 caliber combinations from 20 available barrels. The Backup frame can be used with barrels chambered in calibers as small as the .22 LR up to a .410-bore shotgun load.

Bond Arms Backup Features

  • Bead-blasted, steel double-barrel and frame
  • Powder-coated finish on the frame
  • Standard-sized, rubber grips
  • Trigger guard
  • Compatible with all standard Bond Arms barrels
  • Patented rebounding hammer
  • Retracting firing pins
  • Cross-bolt safety
  • Spring-loaded, cammed locking lever
  • Sights: Front-blade, fixed-rear
  • Weight: 19 ounces
  • Barrel length: 2.5 inches
  • Overall length: 4.5 inches

MSRP for the Bond Arms Backup is $540, and more information on this firearm and other products from Bond Arms is available at


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