First Look: Armasight Night Vision Kit

Everything you need to get up to speed with using low light gear.

posted on October 29, 2023
amasight kit

Armasight has just launched the Ultimate Night Vision Kit, a new comprehensive night vision optics package. This feature rich unit includes a collection of exclusive Armasight products that were specifically chosen to augment the user’s own night vision experience.

Armasight has partnered with Elbit Systems of America to bring this suite of tools to their consumers, which is the largest manufacturer of Gen 3 image intensifier tubes and an important supplier to US SOCOM (Special Operations Command) for night vision equipment. Elbit supplied gear found in the Armasight Ultimate Night Vision Kit includes the battle proven PVS-14, MNVD-51, BNVD-40 and BNVD-51 systems. All of these products come with a three year Armasight limited warranty.

Armasight’s goal in bundling together all of this night vision equipment together is to provide its customers with an easy turnkey solution so they can get out to the field and under the stars as quickly as possible.

Armasight Night Vision bundles includes one of the following optics:

  • White Phosphor PVS-14 Pinnacle NV Optic
  • PVS-14 Pinnacle 2376 NV Optic
  • MNVD-51 Pinnacle NV Optic
  • MNVD-51 Pinnacle 2376 NV Monocular
  • BNVD-40 NV Optic

In addition to one of the above, every Ultimate Bundle also includes:

  • Team Wendy EXFIL LTP Bump Helmet Rail 3.0 in Armasight Gray
  • Armasight by OTTE Gear Night Vision Helmet Bag
  • Armasight G95 NVG Mount Designed & Manufactured by Wilcox Industries
  • Rayvn Rail + 2 PODs bridge for Sidekick systems
  • Watchman IR Illuminator (NV systems only)
  • 30mm Ring Mount (NV systems only)
  • Battery Pack #206 for BNVD-51 & BNVD-40 systems

Pricing on each varies by model and included accessories. To learn more about the Ultimate Night Vision Kit and other gear from Armasight, please visit


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