First Look: Pulsar Digisight Ultra N355

posted on March 7, 2018
Advances in electronics over the last several years have brought lower prices and heightened capabilities for thermal and night-vision firearm optics, and one of the latest innovations in the market is the new Pulsar Digisight Ultra N355 night-vision scope.

Designed as a dramatic enhancement over the company's previous Digisight models, the new N355 scope is built with both daytime and nighttime use in mind, especially for hunters and shooters going after predators, hogs and varmints in many different scenarios. With this aim in mind, the scope is built with a higher resolution CCD sensor measuring 752x582 as well as an AMOLED 640x480 display. Together, these two components make it possible to detect targets out to a maximum range of 545 yards.

Despite having the latest in digital night-vision technology, there's nothing fragile about the Digisight Ultra N355 riflescope. The entire unit is rated IP67 waterproof and dustproof, having the ability to withstand total submersion in 1 meter of water for an hour. This ensures that the unit can handle any environmental conditions that hunters and shooters might face in the field or at the range. Additionally, the internals are nitrogen-purged and are built to withstand recoil impulses on guns chambered up to .375 H&H.

Several built-in features make it easy for users to fine-tune the optic's output for their purposes. The sight uses Pulsar's unique digital-zoom capability, which enables users to to view a magnified digital image along with the wide field of view simultaneously. The N355 is equipped with both continuous and 2X/4X stepped digital zoom, 13 different reticles, a single-shot zeroing process, infrared illuminator, built-in rangefinder and several different color modes.

The unit's housing is constructed from a glass-nylon composite materials and measures 12.36 inches long, 2.63 inches wide and 3.58 inches high. Total weight of the Digisight is 31.75 ounces. The sight runs of an internal lithium-ion battery, which provides a battery life of 8 hours. Adjustment value is 0.5 MOA per click, and the total adjustment range for windage is 50 MOA, while elevation adjustment range measures 60 MOA.

In addition to its many built-in features, the Pulsar Digisight Ultra N355 ships with a battery pack, charging kit, USB cable, wireless remote, quick-detach Picatinny/Weaver mount, cleaning cloth, carrying case and mounting tools. The suggested retail price on the night-vision optic is $1,429.99.


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