First Look: Air Venturi Springfield 1911 Mil-Spec C02 Pistol

posted on October 17, 2019

In 2019, Springfield Armory partnered with Air Venturi to produce a realistic line of C02-powered air pistols based on popular options in the company's lineup. The aim of this partnership is to provide handgun owners with well-built air pistols that have similar controls and ergonomics as the company's firearm, and the first Air Venturi option in the Springfield line is based on the popular XD(M) handgun. Now, the company is adding another airgun to its licensed Springfield Armory replica line, the classic 1911 Mil-Spec C02 BB pistol.

“Adding to our ultra realistic replica line of Springfield airguns, we are knocking it out of the ballpark with the new Springfield 1911 Mil-Spec.” said Scott Stevens, Air Venturi’s national sales manager. “XD(M)s are just hitting the market now, and hot on the heels, we are introducing a Springfield 1911 BB gun in time for retailers to add it to their shelves for the holiday shopping season. We chose the Mil-Spec, because it does reminisce of the Springfield heritage, and is one of Springfield’s more popular 1911 platforms.”

The Air Venturi 1911 Mil-Spec CO2 BB pistol is an authentic replica of the classic 1911 pistol and features a functioning grip safety, all-metal construction and Springfield Armory markings on the slide, grip and frame. The 1911 Mil-Spec airgun is powered by a 12-gram C02 cartridge and has velocities up to 320 fps with steel BBs (350 fps with Dust Devil BBs)  With an 18-round, drop-free magazine and full blowback action, this air pistol is a great choice for backyard or basement training and plinking fun. 

The Air Venturi 1911 Mil-Spec C02 BB airgun pistol is the latest in the line of popular Springfield Armory replica releases from Air Venturi, which also produces the airgun versions of the iconic M1 Carbine air rifle as both BB airgun and airsoft versions, and the XD(M) pistol replica series, which is available in multiple finishes and sizes.

For additional information on the full Springfield Armory replica line of airguns from Air Venturi, visit


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