First Look: Air Armor Tech Gun Case

posted on July 8, 2017
Blaine "Rock" Tompkins, a retired fighter pilot, helped the U.S. government solve a problem, and his solution resulted in the development of the Air Armor Tech Gun Case.

The problem the government faced was how to protect the pilot helmet that interfaces with the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. The helmet is packed with cutting-edge technology and costs $500,000 per unit, so a storage solution that ensured total protection for the helmet had to be developed. The answer was in an Air Armor Tech protective case.

The Air Armor Tech Gun Case uses the same technology, providing users with a pressurized bag of air built with a blanket of interconnected air chambers that surrounds guns and optics, ensuring that they withstand whatever shocks or abuses come during transportation. The air bladder is constructed from the same material used by fighter pilots in their G-suit and Life Preserving Unit, so it's rugged enough to withstand storage and transport in the harshest conditions.

In order to inflate or deflate the bag, the gun case comes equipped with a hidden port. Once it's inflated, the case withstands any amount of water and will float on the water's surface, even with a heavy firearm inside. The pack also features MOLLE attachment straps that allow it to be lashed to any transportation option. The pack even includes built-in backpack straps that allow owners to hike the pack into the back country.

Once the destination is reached, the gun case can be deflated and rolled up. The outside of the bag is constructed from 1,000-Denier fabric that enables the case to be easily rolled up and stashed away until it's needed again. When fully deflated, the pack shrinks to 15 percent of its normal size, allowing users to easily store the bag in small areas.

Other features of the Air Armor Tech Gun Case include water-resistant YKK zippers and a number of internal and external accessory pouches. The suggested retail price for the gun case is $499.


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