First Look: 1791 Gunleather Adds New Gun Belt Colors

posted on August 25, 2021

A good gun belt is an essential yet often overlooked part of successful concealed carry. Your holster carries your gun, and you have magazine or speed loader pouches to carry any spare ammunition you might need. But what carries all that gear? Your gun belt. In turn, that belt should be built to the same high quality as your other concealed carry gear.

Your defensive pistol needs to be ready to go at a moment’s notice, so your holster shouldn’t move around on your body as you go about your day. A proper gun belt is rigid enough to hold everything where it belongs, no matter how you move. A gun belt should also distribute the weight of your gear around your waist, making it easier to carry your pistol for long periods of time.

Now 1791 helps Americans exercise their Second Amendment rights with their all-new Vintage color gun belt which is also available in Classic Brown or Stealth Black as well the new Vintage color option. The belt adds to their existing gun belt selection and compliments their premium leather holsters and accessories and offers Americans a high-quality, built to last belt that helps you confidently carry your personal firearm at an incredible value.

The belt is handcrafted from heavy-duty, 100 percent native steerhide, as well as genuine Chicago screws and a steel buckle. The belt is also reinforced and is guaranteed to resist stretch, snags, and splits. Because the belt is specifically designed for everyday carry, it will warm as you wear it and mold to your body to create a comfortable and secure fit. For even more comfort, the belt is available for pant/gun belt sizes all the way from 32-35 to 48-52. 

The new gun belt is backed by 1791 Gunleather's lifetime warranty and 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. For more information on this belt and to learn more about other premium holsters and leather goods from 1791 Gunleather, please visit


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