EZ2C Targets

posted on July 3, 2015

When shooting a firearm with standard black sights, picking the front sight up against a black background can often prove challenging. One solution is to add some color—typically white or orange—to the front sight. It's simple enough to do with a paint marker, lasts quite a while and is simple to freshen up.

Or you could change your targets to something that helps with the acquisition.

EZ2C Targets offers nearly two dozen different styles of bright orange targets ranging from simple bullseyes to "dot torture" to even a modified version of the game "Battleship." There are standards like the dartboard and X-ring through 5-ring; sighting targets with grid and even a silhouette.

All targets are 11 inches by 17 inches and come either 25 or 40 to a glued pad—no more fumbling with a cellophane wrapper or loose targets. Simply peel one off like a sheet of notebook paper and get to work. We've used the company's Style 3 (four 3-inch dots surrounding a 6-inch bullseye) target for accuracy testing and found the orange rings handy for discerning our tight groupings (ahem...)

Additionally, EZ2C Targets can work with your company to provide custom targets for special events or other uses.

MSRP: $7.50 per 25- or 40-count pad. Multiple unit discounts apply.


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